Why you might not be comfortable asking for help (1min read)

Asking questions or asking for help does not come easy to everyone. This is the case even when we understand the value of what we are missing out on. I have had plenty of such moments myself.

I realize that this may have to do with how we think people may perceive us and our abilities. Interestingly, we all know that knowledge or expertise is not innate, yet we choose to stay ignorant in order to appear competent.

Any deficiency or inability can be improved upon and expressing ignorance is actually an opportunity to learn. We all start out as novices in new domains. No one starts out as an expert in a new field or ability. Expertise comes with commitment, time and effort.

There is something to be said about how we ask smart questions and how we can ask for help without coming across as incompetent. But for many, the first step is getting over that mental barrier. We all can be confident learners.

So, if you find your self wrestling with the urge to not ask questions or for help, know now that it simply is an opportunity to learn and get better.

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