A month with Swift and iOS Development

I never would have imagined I would touch iOS development. I have been an avid Android user since the birth of the Samsung Galaxy series. Actually, I was led down that path mainly because my experimental jailbroken 3gs iPhone was buggy. I had the last of it when the glass shattered on a vent and had trouble replacing the glass myself. I never thought I would be back to an iPhone. Besides, Android devices are just more open and allow for easier experimentation.

Enter 2015 when I thought I would give the iPhone another try after 5 years of hating. The iPhone 6 is a nice design. I was intrigued about the experience of a seamless experience across multiple form factors and I have somewhat liked what I have been my Mac, iPad and iPhone. I still think the notes app sucks (so glad google keep is now on iOS).

Having done quite a bit of Android dev and mobile dev using PhoneGap in its early days, the thought of using Objective-C was scary enough for me to never consider iOS development. That all changed with Swift. I have grown to love the expressiveness of languages like Ruby and Python. Any language that follows a similar form is sure to catch my attention. Swift has done just that.

It is not quite as flexible as Python, my go to prototype/hack language, but for a mobile development and on iOS Swift feels like a home run. I actually enjoy doing this now and finally gave the development tools that Apple provides a chance. I am one happy customer. The idea of writing this post really came from a Udacity course I’m currently going through titled Intro to iOS Development with Swift. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to get their feet wet.

All in all, I like Swift and development for my iOS devices is now an exciting endeavor I never thought I would embark on.

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