Did you settle for a Career or your Calling?

I always knew what I wanted to do from an early age. It took some time to realize that not everyone grows up having such a clear picture. Making a career of something that inspires and is fulfilling is a journey for many. A journey often without a map.

I like it, Understand it and I am good at it

Not everyone finds fulfillment in the work they do daily. They may know about their field and may be good at what they do, but they are missing the ‘like it’ factor. I could say I am pretty good at cutting my lawn, but I sure don’t like doing it. Interestingly, there are scenarios where people like something a lot, understand it, but are no good at it. In my world that would be something like professional football. I get it, like it but I am definitely no good at it. Now, those examples are extreme. But, you get the point . It does not feel quite right when what you do daily does not mesh all 3 elements.

What Is the Big Deal with a Calling Anyways?

Well, I believe a calling inspires you. When you are inspired you are moved to create great things with care. I can’t imagine many masterpieces were ever created without a deep level of care and passion. If we want to live a life far above mediocrity then we have to be inspired in what we do. You don’t want to look back on life and see a trail of mediocrity. Secondly, satisfaction and fulfillment makes life more meaningful. I read once that once you make beyond $70,000 per year, monetary compensation doesn’t bring more happiness. I’m not sure if that’s your threshold, but I’m sure there’s a point at which more money doesn’t mean more happiness. It is bad enough to wrestle mediocrity, we shouldn’t add dissatisfaction to the mix.

Hints of your Calling

You may be reading this and say, I’m fine with my career even if I don’t like it all that much and I’m not great at it. At least you know it’s not your calling and take it for what it is. However, if this makes you pause to consider what that calling may be, here are few things I’ve observed. Your calling

  • Stimulates Curiosity in You – You are not tired of reading or learning about it
  • Out of sight is not out of mind – Your mind often wanders there in your free time
  • Makes you Smile (Most Days) – Leaves you with a good feeling and can’t wait to get started on it tomorrow feeling
  • How you feel about it hasn’t changed much in years – Through all seasons of life, it still excites you
  • Worth Risking For – What other’s might consider a sacrifice doesn’t seem that way to you. Time flies by while at it

It might be that this season of life doesn’t afford you the opportunity to make a career of your calling. However, it’s good to figure out what it is, so you can make time for it. And maybe, just maybe your calling is your career, then in Seth Godin’s words, you have found “The life you don’t have to escape from”.

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